Coronavirus Anxiety


In this unprecedented period of global uncertainty, The Wellness Society put together this course to provide our community with much needed support.

In this course we will explore what stress and anxiety are, as well as introducing you to several tools for dealing with anxiety and methods for preventing and reducing physical anxiety symptoms (i.e. autostress).

Choose the practices that appeal most to you and add them your Stress Resilience Action Plan. (The more, the better!)

Course Plan

Average completion time: 30 minutes

  • Introduction to Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Stress vs Anxiety
  • Planning your information diet
  • My spheres of influence
  • Practical wisdom for tolerating uncertainty
  • Reducing anxiety with thought challenging
  • Reducing anxiety through distraction activities
  • Motivation follows action
  • Creating your stress-resilience action plan
  • Further resources

Enrol Now

This is a free interactive e-learning course. Click the link below to enrol:

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