Complex Mental Health Conditions and Self-Harm


Our understanding of mental health is constantly evolving. So is the language we use when describing mental health conditions.

In this course we explore the stigma of complex mental health conditions and self-harm.

Course Plan

What is Complex Trauma/ Personality Disorder?

  • Characteristics
  • Trauma and developmental theories

What is Psychosis?

  • Communication
  • Managing emotions
  • Self-harm

The Supporting Role

  • The Relationship
  • Self-care


I feel increasing my knowledge around subject matters that i will likely face in my role is very important. Most importantly taking away the stigma and misconceptions surrounding personality disorders.
I think this training will help to dispel some myths around mental illness, both for clients themselves and for partner professionals supporting them
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This half-day course is delivered for £35 per person. 

There is a maximum capacity of 15 participants for face to face sessions, and 20 participants for virtual sessions.

More Information

This course is available face to face, or virtually.

To find out more about this course or to enquire about booking, please complete the form below:

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