Alcohol, Substance Misuse and Mental Health


This 3-hour interactive workshop covers the following topics:

  • Learn about different substances and their effects
  • Consider the law and regulation on certain substances
  • Discuss substance misuse and why people may continue to use substances
  • Explore addiction
  • Understand the elements required for change and the stages of recovery


Understanding that connection is the most effective predictor of recovery from addiction
Gave perspective from another side of addiction
How to assist/help someone to make small steps towards changes/info on perceptions of drugs/alcohol
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This half-day course is delivered to groups with up to 16 participants for £350. 

In addition, charges are added for Instructors’ travel expenses, accommodation and refreshments if outside West Essex, and any venue hire costs incurred.

More Information

This course is available face to face, or virtually.

To find out more about this course or to enquire about booking, please complete the form below:

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