The Mental Health Toolkit: The Essentials


The Mental Health Toolkit is all about giving you an understanding of what it means to be emotionally healthy, why it is important and how emotional health supports physical health.

Most of all, The Mental Health Toolkit is about us working together to create emotionally healthy places to enjoy living and working in.

The Mental Health Toolkit is for you, your family and friends, and work colleagues. The Mental Health Toolkit is for anybody with emotional health – and that means everybody!

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional health describes how we feel – whether stressed, contented, anxious, happy, depressed or calm – and how we can cope with the challenges and demands of our everyday lives.

Just like our physical health, our emotional health changes all the time.

To be emotionally healthy we need to have our emotional needs met in a balanced way – just as we need a safe home and the right kind of food for physical health.

What Are Emotional Needs?

We know when our physical needs for food, drink, air, sleep, shelter and exercise have to be met, because we feel hunger, thirst or tiredness. Hunger, thirst and tiredness are the body’s way of telling us to eat, drink or go to sleep.

Most of us find it harder to tell when our emotional needs have to be met. However, the more we learn about emotional needs, the easier it is to tell when they need to be met and what to do about it.

Our emotional needs include:

  • Security
  • Control
  • Attention
  • Emotional connection
  • Community
  • Status
  • Privacy
  • Achievement
  • Meaning & purpose

Emotional health depends upon having a life that works to get our physical and emotional needs met.


This was really great training, and so beneficial personally and professionally. Thank you.
Amazing conversational style of delivery
The resources given at the end will be a good tool to use when working with service users
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This half-day course is delivered to groups with up to 16 participants for £350. 

In addition, charges are added for Instructors’ travel expenses, accommodation and refreshments if outside West Essex, and any venue hire costs incurred.

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This course is available face to face, or virtually.

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