Use Your Smarts


Are you reading this on a smart phone, laptop, or tablet? Then you’re already using your smarts!

Technology is advancing at incredible speeds, and while things like Google Maps and FaceTime have become second nature to some, others are left feeling isolated and confused.

Will you help others learn to use digital technology, and improve their lives?

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the knowledge you already have
  • Learn the importance of sharing your knowledge with others
  • Understand how easy it is to make positive changes
  • Find resources you can use and recommend

This free online course is part of the legacy of the Reboot project, a project funded by The Good Things Foundation and headed by national Mind. The aim is to reduce the fear and confusion around smart devices and digital tools.

Course Plan

  • Stop and think
  • Why we need to ‘use our smarts’
  • What does ‘using your smarts’ look like?
  • Starting the conversation
  • Help make positive changes
  • Resources
  • Summary

Enrol Now

This is a free interactive e-learning course. Click the link below to enrol:

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